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"Trade-ing" presents:

We study market conditions in order to choose the optimal trading strategy.
Any strategy should be applied depending on market conditions.
the Trader needs to identify the points of movement and enter the position in the direction of the current trend.


Trading attracts a lot of intellectuals, but the results here depend not only on the mind, but also on human qualities. It is impossible to achieve absolute perfection in trading. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.


For a true professional, trading is primarily a business where the main goal is to make money. Many investors who have spent their entire lives to succeed in their chosen career approach trading as an easy way to acquire additional income.


An experienced trader goes through three stages:
¹ Intuitive trading
² System trading
³ trading as a business
the Market is not mathematics, it has no axioms, which means you can never stop.

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